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  • No : 17590
  • Open Date : 2013/08/02 17:03
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Regarding Error Codes When an Error Occurs (Windows)

Please tell me how I can look up error codes for the Windows version of HULFT.
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There are two types of codes for the logs; end codes, and details codes.
You can check them via all of the status screens from the Management Screen.
They will be displayed in 6 column increments, so please reference the following three numbers.
000000(000000)(end codes(details codes))

For example, if the following was to be output: (331710(100610) ,please reference the following values.

End code: 710
Details code:10061

The information displayed by the end code is discussed in "Error Coded - Messages." The information displayed by details codes is as follows:

(1)If the end code is an error from the other party's side:

1.If the other party's machine is using zOS, MSP, XSP, or VOS3:

  • Please reference the other party's machine's "Send Side Error Details Codes" and "Receive Side Error Details Codes" from the "Error Codes - Messages" manual.

2.In cases other than listed above:

  • Reference the other party's machine's end code via the "Error Codes - Messages" manual.

(2) If the end code is 891

This is a SAN transfer error. This is discussed in the "Error Codes - Messages" manual.

(3) In cases other than listed above:

Check the error codes output from the OS. Please reference the Windows API documentation.