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  • No : 17588
  • Open Date : 2013/08/02 17:03
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Regarding Error Codes When an Error Occurs (i5OS)

Please tell me how I can look up error codes for the i5OS version of HULFT.
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There are two types of codes for the logs; end codes, and details codes.
You can check them via the Management Screen(UTLADMIN) or the display list command (UTLLIST,UTLOBSLIST).
They will be displayed in 4 column increments.
0000-0000 (end codes - details codes)
For end codes, please reference the numbers from the three columns below.
The information error codes display is discussed in the "End Codes List" section of the "Error code - Messages" manual.
Details codes show the following information.
(1) If the end code is an error from the other party's side: 
  1. If the other party's machine is using zOS, MSP, XSP, or VOS3: 
  • Please reference the other party's machine's "Send Side Error Details Codes" and "Receive Side Error Details Codes" from the "Error Codes - Messages" manual. 
  2. In cases other than listed above:  
  • Reference the other party's machine's end code via the "Error Codes - Messages" manual.
(2) In cases other than listed above: 
  The error codes output from the OS (C language).