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  • No : 30788
  • Open Date : 2019/09/05 12:18
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[DataSpider Servista] When performing the XML output, I want to prevent empty tags from being output for data without information in the input data

When executing the XML output, I don't want to output empty tags for data that has no information in the input data. How do I do this?
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By using [Conditional Extraction] in the repetitive process, it is possible to prevent empty tags from being output to nodes without input data.
  • Summary of Process
 It is determined in the mapper whether each element is null data or not, and the data is output only when it is not null data.
  1. Determine whether the target element matches "null character"
  <Logic to use>
  • [Different]
  • [Single-line String Constant]
  1. Perform the [Conditional Extraction] process on the element and output only when it does not agree with "null character".
  <Logic to use>
  • [Conditional Extraction]