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  • No : 30765
  • Open Date : 2019/09/05 17:09
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[DataSpider Servista] Please tell me the points to check when the DataSpiderServer service fails to start.

What should I check if the DataSpiderServer service fails to start?
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The service startup failure is caused by several factors, including mismatch of license files, configuration files, and modules, and communication port problems.
Please refer to the following for details:
Table of Contents
Also, if you need to refer to information related to this document, please check the Reference Information.
  1. Port
Please confirm whether there are processes using the ports that are used by DataSpiderServer by "netstat" command, etc.
*For more details, please check the command of your operating system.
If any process is using the ports used by the DataSpiderServer, please stop the process and start them again.
  1. License file
Please confirm that the license file is located in the following directory:
If it is not located, please deploy the license file and start it again.
  1. Server module
Please create an environment with the same version, the same service pack, and the same patch as the environment in which the error is occurring. Then please also install the same driver. After creating it, please confirm that the number and the name of the module match the environment in which the error is occurring.
If there is a module that does not exist only in the environment where the error is occurring, the error may be due to the missing module.
Please try one of the following measures to restore the module to its pre-error state.
  • Recovery from backups
If there is a backup, please restore the following directories to the state before the error.
*If you are using a repository DB, please restore the repository DB to the same date and time as the module side to maintain its consistency.
*Please note that if the file created by the DataSpider Servista interface process is placed under the above directory, the file will also be restored.
  • Reinstall
If you are using the version 2.4 or later, please refer to the "Upgrade Guide" for each version. You need to execute a backup of the old environment, installation of the new environment, and migration of various settings. Then reinstall the environment.
For customers who use a version prior to version 2.4, the above instruction is not available. In this case, please restore from the backup.
  1. Internal Settings File
Please open the following internal settings file and make sure that the files with the </ projects>.
Please handle in the same way as Item 3.
  1. Allocate Memory
Start DataSpiderServer from the exe file while holding down the Ctrl key.
Please check if the following message is displayed.
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for (initial value of heap size) KB object heap
[press enter to close this window]
Reduce the initial heap size value specified by -Xms. Please refer to the help below for –Xms:
*Please refer to FAQ No.24462 for the guideline of the maximum value that can be set in heap memory.
The DataSpiderServer startup process is executed in the following order. Therefore, the DataSpiderServer cannot be started due to a process failure at any of the following stages:
  1. Allocation of Required Memories
A required memory for DataSpiderServer is allocated based on a default value of the set heap size.
If the required memory cannot be allocated, the startup fails. (* In this case, no log such as server.log is output)
For this reason, we need to check the "5. Memory Allocation".
  1. Load modules required for the DataSpiderServer operation
Please load the java module required for processing.
If there is an inconsistency in the module, an error occurs and the startup fails. For this reason, we need to check the "3. Server module".
  1. Initialize the module loaded in (1)
Initialize the loaded module by referencing the license or the settings file so a process can be processed.
If the license does not exist or the settings file is in an invalid state, the startup will fail.
For this reason, we need to check the "2. License file" and the "4. Internal Settings file".
  1. Start Process Using Specified Ports
The DataSpiderServer process starts using the port that was specified upon the installation or in the DataSpiderServer settings.
If the specified port is in use by another application, the startup will fail. Therefore, we need to check the "1. Port"
If the problem is not resolved even if you execute all the checkpoints described in "Checkpoints and Workaround", this is an error that has never occurred in the past and the startup process may not have successfully ended.
To check the situation, please contact the support center after gathering the following information:
  1. Triggers of the Problem
Please check if the problem occurred immediately after the DataSpiderServer installation or the problem suddenly occurred to an environment that had no problem at all till then.
Also, if the problem started to suddenly occur, please confirm the date and time when the problem initially occurred and any changes to settings and any tasks were performed before and after the time frame.
  1. Problem Frequency and Presence of Workaround
In order to confirm the effect on your operation, please confirm the frequency of the problem (Daily, Monthly, etc.) and check if there is a workaround (restarting with service "recovery", etc.).
  1. Problem Conditions
If you have any concerns about the conditions under which the problem is occurring (While security software is running.), please provide the information.
  1. Log file
Please send the following log file that is output at the time of the incident:
$ DATASPIDER_HOME / server / logs / server.log
$ DATASPIDER_HOME / server / logs / server.log.N (* N is single-byte numbers)
$ DATASPIDER_HOME / server / logs / server.error.log
A log file is in $ DATASPIDER_HOME that contains the words "install" or "install" in the file name and ends with ".log".
  1. Log when started by a debug mode from the executable file
If the startup log is not output to server.log, please start the DataSpiderServer while holding Ctrl from the executable file and send the log output to the console.
The executable file is in the following directory:
  1. Module
Please send the following directory in which the backup is obtained before a recovery work.
*If the compressed file size exceeds 5 MB, we will prepare a site to upload the file, so please let us know when you contact us.