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  • No : 30757
  • Open Date : 2019/09/09 15:59
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[DataSpider Servista] I cannot download in a text format from my log.

I am using Studio for Web. Even if I specify the download in a text format from My Log, the file is not created at the download destination. Please tell me the cause and the workaround.
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There are several possible causes when if you are using Studio for Web. Please check the following if it is applicable:
  1. Due to log size limitations
If the generated log size is large, it may not be able to download from My Logs due to the size limitations of the log download. For example, you cannot download the log of more than the size of 256MB if you are using Internet Explorer.
When you executed at the log level "DEBUG", a data trace is output to the log. As a result, the size of the log tends to increase. If it is applicable to you, please consider executing at the log level "FINEST" or higher.
  1. Due to the limitation of characters
This error occurs when you are using “&” (half-width ampersand) for a project name, a service name, a user name, and a classification.
Please do not use the “&” character.