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  • No : 30679
  • Open Date : 2019/08/30 15:55
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[DataSpider Servista] When creating an XML file, I prefer not to output empty tags for the data with no information.

When I create an XML file based on input data, I do not want to output empty tags for data with no information. Please tell me the solutions.
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Using [Extraction by condition] in repetition processing is possible from outputting empty tags to nodes with no input data.
■Processing details
It makes a determination of whether or not the empty data for each element in the mapper, and outputs the data only if it is not empty data.
Please set the following contents specifically for the target element.
  1. Determine whether the target element is "null character"
A null character or not is determined by making a comparison
Between the single-line string constant logic with "null" and the target element value with non-identical logic.
  1. Only if not the extracted logic by condition is a null, it is output
The judgment result of 1 is set for extraction by condition, and output is executed when the value of the target element does not match "null".
Please refer to the help of reference information for each logic detail.
Reference information
  • [Not equal]
  • [Single-line string constant]
  • [Extraction by condition]