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  • No : 30571
  • Open Date : 2019/08/23 16:59
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[DataSpider Servista] Windows network directory cannot be mounted

When I try to mount the Windows network directory, the following error occurs and the mount settings cannot be added.
Please explain the cause and a way to resolve this problem.
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Probable Cause
The error occurs when a specified directory cannot be browsed.
In the past case, the error occurred in the following cases:
  1. A non-existent directory was specified
  2. A specified directory could not be browsed because of malfunctions and problems in environmental factors such as network, etc.
  3. DataSpiderServer started as a service and the network directory mounted by the OS was specified
  4. A user who starts up DataSpiderServer was not granted permission to access a specified directory
About a user who starts DataSpiderServer, if the DataSpiderServer is started from Service, it is a user who is specified in the Service; if the DataSpiderServer is started from an executable file, it is a user who is logged into OS.
In the case of 1, please specify a correct directory name.
In the case of 2, please check your environment settings, such as network, to have the directory able to be browsed.
In the case of 3, if you started it from the Windows service, due to the Windows specification, a drive where the application (DataSpiderServer) is mounted cannot be recognized. Therefore, please specify in a UNC format (\\ServerName\dirName).
In the case of 4, please grant permission to access a directory to a user who starts up DataSpiderServer.
In addition, when DataSpiderServer is started by the Windows service, you must set up the service login settings. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Stop DataSpiderServer, if it is running.
  2. From the Windows Control Panel's [Services], change the DataSpider Servista service's login account to a user who has the permission to browse the network drive.
  3. Start the service
  4. Start Studio.
  5. Set the mount source by specifying a UNC name (\\ ServerName \ xxx) in [Mount Setting] in Studio
* Please do not use a network drive name (such as Z :).