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  • No : 30521
  • Open Date : 2019/09/04 10:59
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[DataSpider Servista] When an HTTP trigger is executed in IE 11, "HTTP status 500" is displayed when an error occurs. Please explain a way to resolve this problem.

In the HTTP trigger setting, it is set to forward to another page in a case of the abnormal end.
In the case of Chrome and Firefox, the contents of each set page are displayed at both normal and abnormal times. However, in the case of Internet Explorer 11, “HTTP status 500” is returned only when the error occurs.
Please explain how to achieve the same result as other browsers.
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This is a problem that is depended on the behavior of Internet Explorer.
Please confirm the operation and specifications of the browser with the provider.
 According to the information confirmed at the external site, it states that if the file size of the error page (HTML file) is small, the browser original page is returned.

 Contents of the web page in the link above is written in Japanese.
In the past cases, when an appropriate character string is added to the <body> part of the error.jsp and the file size is set to exceed 512 bytes, the contents of error.jsp can be displayed even if the HTTP status 500 is returned.
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