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  • No : 27730
  • Open Date : 2017/06/12 14:11
  • 更新日時 : 2018/05/30 13:42
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“Serial/Product Key is Unauthorized.” Message Outputs Upon Installing HULFT

When I tried to install HULFT, "Serial/Product key is unauthorized." error outputs and I cannot proceed. Please explain the possible cause.
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The corresponding message outputs when an HULFT installed environment and information set in the Product Key Issue screen does not match. 
Specifically, the possible situation is as below.
  • The serial number is incorrect.
  • The version/level/revision is incorrect.
  • The OS information is incorrect.
  • The hostname is incorrect.
  • An OS environment to install HULFT is Windows Server2008R2 Standard Edition, but at the product key issue screen, Windows Server2008R2 Enterprise Edition is set. 
  •  An HULFT installing environment hostname is "a001", but "A001" is set in the Product Key Issue screen.
Therefore, please confirm whether your HULFT installing environment and information set in the Product Key Issue screen matches or not.
  • The serial number 
  • Installing HULFT version(Version, Level, Revision)  
  • An OS in the installed machine(Name, Version, CPU type)     
  • A hostname of the installed machine
*A hostname required in the Product Key Issue screen varies depending on your machine type.
  1. Windows : a name obtained by the hostname command. The (TCP/IP hostname without the domain name)         
  2. UNIX/Linux : a name obtained by the hostname command (A hostname including the domain name if included)      
  3. OS400 : a name displayed in "System" on the Sign On screen. (System name)  
  4. General Purpose System : a local hostname for HULFT (Optional name). Please verify with your system administrator/network administrator.
*hostnames are case-sensitive.
*If a machine is structured with cluster environment, use the hostname of each machine (Operation/Standby) obtained by such as the hostname command, not the virtual hostname.
If incorrect environment information is set in the Product Key Issue screen, set proper information and reobtain the product key.
In the Product Key Issue screen, if your OS does not exist in the pull-down menu list, the operation is not guaranteed.
Please confirm the operation at our website "HULFT Product Information (https://his.hulft.com/productinfo/opeenv/user)," and then if version upgrade or grade up is necessary, please contact us or our partners.
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