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  • No : 24302
  • Open Date : 2016/06/13 14:17
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[DataSpider Servista] It is in a state where DataSpiderServer is not started

DataSpiderServer is in a state where it is not starting. Explain where to check.
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■Problem occurring condition
DataSpiderServer starting process is executed in the below order. In the past instances, due to the process failure in any of the following stages, DataSpiderServer is in the state where it cannot be started.
  1. Load the module necessary for DataSpiderServer operation
Load the java module necessary for processing.
  1. Initialize the module loaded in 1.
Browse the license or configuration file, initialize the loaded module and set it such that the process can be executed.
  1. Start the process using the specified port
Start the DataSpiderServer process using the port specified in DataSpiderServer settings or during installation.
■ Assumed Causes

The cause when the process has failed, which is checked from the past instances is as given below.
  1. Load the module necessary for DataSpiderServer operation
When uninstall is executed with DataSpiderServer being operated, uninstaller cannot delete a part of module. Hence, stores the module that should be deleted and deletes at the time of next restart of the OS.
Due to this, when a new environment is installed without restarting the OS, there was an instance where a part of the module was deleted.
Also, there was an instance where the module is moved to some other directory due to the operation mistake while expanding the explorer of the OS.
In this case, the startup process is stopped before the log is in output state and hence the server log cannot be output. In the past instances, the following error has been output in the OS log.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/zerog/lax/LAX

▼Confirmation Method
Create the environment that installs the same driver by applying the version, service pack and batch same as the environment in which the problem has occurred and check that the module count or name matches with that environment.
When there is a module that does not exist only in the environment where the problem has occurred, there are chances that the error might be due to that reason.
  1. Initialize the module loaded in 1.
As the license file is not placed, there are instances where the startup has failed. In such cases, the below error will be displayed in the Server Log.
com.appresso.ds.common.license.LicenseException:License file is not found.
There was an instance where an internal configuration file was damaged and startup was failed as DataSpiderServer was stopped while updating the configuration file which saves the project settings. In this case, the below error will be displayed in the Server Log.
com.appresso.ds.common.fw.xml.XMLException: XML path failure.
▼Confirmation method
Check that the license file is placed in the below directory.
Expand the below internal setting file and check that the file is ended in </projects>
  1. Start the process using the specified port
When the process of DataSpiderServer has been started already, or when other applications are using the port and the port is as such in the used state without ending the stop process normally, then it is not possible to use the port that has been set, and it is resulting in startup failure.

In this case, the below error will be displayed in the Server Log. *The number of the specified port will be displayed in 7700.

LifecycleException:? Failed to initialize Protocol Handler: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind <null>:7700

▼Confirmation Method
Check whether the process that uses the port used by DataSpiderServer is there in "netstat" command etc.
* For details, check the OS command that is being used.
■Handling method

Implement any of the below supporting methods after checking the stop status from "■Assumed Causes".
  1. Load the module necessary for DataSpiderServer operation
Support with any of the below items. Prior to the task, take the backup of the environment during event occurrence with the methods such as copying to other directories etc.
  • Restore from backup
When acquiring the backup, restore the below directory to the status prior to problem occurrence.
* When using Repository DB, to maintain the consistency, restore the Repository DB to date/time state same as the module side.
* When the file that is created with the link process of DataSpider Servista, is placed under the above-mentioned directory, that file will also be restored. Hence be cautious.
  • Reinstall
When using from version 2.4 onwards, refer to "Upgrade guide" of each version, take the backup of old environment and implement the installation of new environment and migration of each type of settings and reinstall the environment.
For the customers who use the version previous to 2.4, the above mentioned procedure cannot be applied. In such case, restore from the backup.
  1. Initialize the module loaded in 1.
When the license file is not placed, store the license file in the prescribed directory as per the description in the Installation Guide.
When the configuration file that saves the project settings is in incorrect state, try to restart either by restoring the normal internal configuration file from the backup or store the initial state internal configuration file that is installed in the other environment.
  1. Start the process using the specified port
Specify the process being used by the port, and end the process.
■Information necessary for investigation

Based on the above check, when the cause is unknown, contact the support site after collecting the below information.
  • Log file
Send the below log files that are displayed at the time zone where the problem occurs.
$DATASPIDER_HOME/server/logs/server.log.N (* N is Normal-width number)
$DATASPIDER_HOME/server/logs/${Execution Date}
  • Log when started in debug mode from the execution file
When the startup log is not displayed in server.log, start the DataSpiderServer while pressing  Ctrl from the execution file, copy paste the log that is displayed in the console and send it. Execution file is in the below directory.
  • Module
Send the below directory for which backup is taken prior to restoring task
* After compression when the file size exceeds 5MB, the site to upload the file will be prepared. Let us know during FAQ