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  • No : 24294
  • Open Date : 2016/06/13 14:17
  • 更新日時 : 2020/10/06 15:41
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[DataSpider Servista] Is there any method to check the end status on the browser with HTTP Trigger?

I would like to check the end status on the browser by executing the script with HTTP Trigger. Is there any method?
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The end status can be displayed on the browser by configuring the below settings.
test.jsp etc. is specified by selecting [Forward to Another Page] in [Normal Operation] or [Abnormal Operation] in HTTP Trigger Setting Screen.
If you specify the Trigger variable "${trigger.exitStatus}" of the end status in JSP file, then the end status will be displayed on the Web browser at the time of script execution.
The page that can be forwarded will be JSP or HTML and test.jsp file that can be used for test is given below.
- $DATASPIDER_HOME/server/system/kernel/modules/webcontainer/META-INF/catalina/webapps/dataspider
Refer to the online help rather than the Reference Information for the setting method of HTTP Trigger.