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  • No : 24259
  • Open Date : 2016/06/13 14:18
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[DataSpider Servista] What is the port number for the communication between the DataSpider's Client server?

Because the firewall exists between the Server and Client machines, 
I need to open the port. What is the port number for the communication 
between the DataSpider's Client server?
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Two kinds of communication are processed between the Client servers,
one before the login screen and other when logging in.

For the communication before the login screen, a port number 7700 is
used as default. This port can be checked and changed from the
[DataSpiderServer Settings]-[Port] in the Control Panel.

For the communication when logging in, a random port number is used as default.
If you would like to fix this port number, use the following file key
to specify the port number:

-Server Side
  (ds.rmi.port=7701 Specify an open port)

-Client Side
  (ds.rmi.port=7702 Specify an open port)

*Please use a different port number between the Server and Client.
 After modifying the file, please restart the DataSpider for both
 Server and Client.